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mar de lava fardatxeta joies joyas artesanales de plata

Lava Sea Collection

Scars of the land, imprinted on the landscape… reminders of the days when lava rivers flowed…

A powerful collection, savage and strong.
coleccion olas joyas artesanales de plata fardatxeta joies

Waves Collection

The big Blue … its sound, its scent … and the to-and-fro of the waves.

A collection of undulating lines, clean and simple.
tesoros del mar fardatxeta joies joyas artesanales de plata

Sea Treasures Collection

Observe the sea, wander the sands and discover what the sea has dragged ashore…

Jewellery inspired by the sea. Jewellery to remind you of when as a child you saved the stones and shells you found like treasures.
To the Moon colección Fardatxeta Joies joyas artesanales de plata

To The Moon Collection

People arriving on the island say they feel as if they were on the moon…

This collection is dedicated to the moon and to women and their different phases…

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