To find out what ring size you need, look for a ring that you already have and that fits well. Measure the inside diameter of your ring as accurately as possible in millimeters. You can use calipers or if you don’t have these, you can also use a ruler.

Study how to do it in the attached image.

If you have doubts between two sizes, always choose the larger size. Keep in mind that all the rings that you find in my online store are open so you will always be able to adjust them a little.

Make sure you position well your ring to measure its inside diameter. Always by the upper part of the caliper.

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Try to place the ruler in the middle of your ring and match the 0 line right next to its inner wall.

In the example above the inner diameter of this ring would be 17mm. So according to the table below, the size of this ring would be 14.

Here is the conversion table between the measurement in millimeters of the inner diameter of your ring and the size number that you must indicate when you buy.

This number is related to the ring measuring tools that I have in my workshop. It is possible that if you buy in another store this number will not match since in other countries they use another equivalent. It is therefore important that you follow the measurement in millimeters of the inner diameter of your ring.

If the measurement of the inner diameter of your ring does not fit with any of the measurements in the table, either because you need a size less than 10 or a size greater than 20, please contact me.


Size Inside Diameter (mm)
Nº 10 16
Nº11 16.3
Nº12 16.5
Nº13 16.9
Nº14 17.3
Nº15 17.5
Nº16 17.9
Nº17 18
Nº18 18.5
Nº19 18.8
Nº20 19.2